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Where to top up your prepaid card

Since the 2008 recession, prepaid cash cards have become increasing popular; prepaid cash cards are a form of pay as you go credit and debit cards which allows users to deposit money and then use it to pay for goods and services just like you would with a normal card.

The main attraction to prepaid cash cards is the amount of flexibility it gives users, people with bad credit rating who can’t get traditional credit cards see it as a great alternative.

Prepaid cash cards are also a way for users to check their spending and avoid the debt associated with traditional credit cards as users can only spend the amount loaded on it.

Prepaid cash cards have become so popular that even traditional banks and credit card companies have moved into that market. But once you have got your prepaid card, how do you top it up?

As the popularity of prepaid cash card have increased in the UK, providers have made efforts to find easier, flexible and more convenient ways for customers to top up their prepaid cards with money.

Post Office:

Many pre-paid card issuers allow their cards to be reloaded via the Post Office. With a network of around 14,000 branches, there is bound to be a branch near you.
Once money has been paid onto the card at a Post Office, it takes 1-2 working days for the money to become available on the card. Reloads can usually be made by debit card or cash and are restricted to a maximum single reload of £999 or £500 (depending on the issuer).

High street Banks:

Certain prepaid cards can be topped up at high street banks, not all banks offer this service so it is important to verify with the card issuer. Monies paid over a bank counter can take anything from a few hours to two days to become available on the card.


This is one of the UK’s leading networks for convenient local prepaid card top-ups. With over 18,000 retailer outlets located in newsagents, garages, supermarkets, convenience stores and off-licences, PayPoint is one of the most convenient ways to top up a prepaid card.
Funds are usually made available in your prepaid account almost immediately, but this varies, depending on your prepaid card provider.


Payzone has over 30,000 local retail outlets in the UK just like PayPoint. Funds are usually made available immediately, but please check this with chosen prepaid card issuer as this can vary.

Online Payment:

Some card issuers allow debit card reloads on their website or direct internet banking payments. Salaries and government benefits can also be paid directly onto some prepaid cards.